Product Characterization Tests & Product Application Officer - 14.03.2023

DUNA-Corradini S.p.A. is looking for a Product Characterization Tests and Product Application Officer who will report to the R&D Manager. The candidate is a graduate who will be involved in the conduction of product characterization and application tests carried out in the Laboratory, together with the operative management of materials’ preparation and the physical execution of tests, working with all the instruments and methodologies applicable.

Main responsibilities

1. Take care of the preparation and conduct of all stability and performance tests on new and existing products based on the instructions agreed with the DUNA technicians
2. Collaborate in the application of chemical systems on the various types of substrate
3. Contribute to the management of instruments and tools in terms of maintenance and calibration
4. Contribute to the design of new testing and application methods
5. Support the development of reports related to the tests conducted


6. Diploma in Chemistry or other equivalent technical-scientific fields
7. Excellent dexterity, practical sense, spirit of initiative, creativity and pragmatism
8. Ability to easily learn the principles of instruments’ functioning
9. Ability to apply chemicals to various substrates
10. Curiosity in interpreting test results and understanding the logic behind
11. Ability to manage his/her work in collaboration with the DUNA technical Team
12. Good knowledge of English, written and spoken
13. Propensity for innovation and continuous search for improvement
14. Excellent predisposition to Teamwork

Place of work: Soliera (MO)

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