DUNAPACK formulated polyurethane systems are specifically designed to work together with our range of DUNAPACK machines in order to create polyurethane cushions for the maximum protection.

Polyurethane expands up to 280 times its volume and grows around the object to protect it, taking its shape and filling any void in the containing box. This packaging solution is:

  • extremely effective
  • quick
  • easy to use
  • versatile: protective packaging is always the right shape for any object
  • space-saving: saves on warehouse space (with 2 drums of polyurethane components, you can obtain 90m3 of packaging foam)


Polyurethane systems with reduced environment impact ECO

ECO is the last frontier of DUNAPACK systems, developed with an eye on the environment; approximately 25% of the formulation is made from renewable sources of plant origin, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels and in the same time significantly lowering the environmental impact of polyurethane foam.

DUNAPACK ECO systems have all the advantages of other DUNAPACK products, they may be used on all our machines, and represent the cutting edge of our research, increasingly focused on a conscious use of resources.