Our range of DUNAPACK™ machines, together with our formulated DUNAPACK™ polyurethane systems, is a complete range of machines for the creation of protective polyurethane cushions for packaging:

  • MD50 is our automatic bag dispensing machine, that provides customizable, pre-sealed bags filled with polyurethane that grows around the object to protect.
  • EZ100 is our manual machine that dispenses liquid polyurethane through a gun.
  • PRATER is our wheel-shaped machine for the creation of pre-formed molds, perfect for creating series of shaped cushions.
  • TAM TAM offers two spaces for the creation of pairs of pre-formed polyurethane molds.

Together with our DUNAPACK™ polyurethanes, our machines are a complete, quick and effective solution for the packaging of all kinds of goods, from the most fragile to the heaviest objects, providing the right protection, made-to-measure.