Cyberspace and Green Design Meet at NSA in Fort Meade, MD

It’s alive! Living signage at the NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland is bridging the gap between design and sustainability. Veteran Wood Company in Morris County, NJ fabricated these highly-detailed plaques using CORAFOAM® U 150.

Mike Legregni started Veteran Wood Company in 2019, and quickly rose to prominence in industry with his extremely detailed, high-end signage. Mike designed these signs using Vectric CNC software, and each plaque took around 3 hours to mill on his Stepcraft Q408 CNC machine.

Each sign was primed using an all-purpose primer. Interestingly, the paint is bronze spray paint, but was not applied in the typical fashion. Not a fan of how spray paint dispenses or looks after application, Mike opted for an out-of-the-box approach and punctured each can and emptied them into his HVLP gun, and the proceeded to spray like normal paint – a technique he said worked perfectly.

As one may imagine, security at NSA Headquarters is very strict, and the signs were installed by onsite technicians. Designed to symbolize the intersection of the NSA’s mission in cyberspace and green design, the background is actual, naturally preserved moss.

Mike enjoys using CORAFOAM® due to its nice cell structure, and ease of painting. In general, HDU is his favorite substrate to paint by far, and rarely does he use anything else unless a customer specifies natural wood grain or a natural finish.

Mike’s transition to signmaking came after several years in the Marine Corps, followed by 10 years as a New Jersey police officer. He started Veteran Wood Company initially with an X-carve CNC machine, ultimately learning basic and complex toolpaths through his good friend Chris at Boards and Beams also in New Jersey. Before long he updated to a Stepcraft 48” x 96” CNC machine, and dove in 100% to full-time signmaking.

With most of his work being extremely high-end and eye catching, Mike has developed a significant following on Instagram (@veteranwoodco), and also hosts a free webinar every other week on Zoom in collaboration with Vectric “Introduction to Vectric”.

Mike will also be a guest speaker at the Vectric Communicty San Diego User Group Meeting this September, 10th and 11th (with DUNA-USA also exhibiting). The meeting will have a strong focus on their Aspire and V-Carve software and is a great learning experience for CNC enthusiasts of all types.

Veteran Wood Company specializes in high-quality indoor and outdoor dimensional signage, laser engraving, and custom décor, primarily targeting military units, law enforcement communities, and first responders. Veteran Wood Company prides itself on filling the gap between hobbyist sign companies, and large scale commercial sign shops. See additional information about them at:

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