A new vehicle for solidarity transport


The city of Carpi receives a fully equipped vehicle for solidarity transport.

In DUNA "social responsibility" matches with "duty" and "privilege" at the same time. We listen to the needs of the territory and select the projects to support that are aimed at offering well-being and social, medical, cultural and scientific progress of our community in respect of the values that we promote daily through our ethical and sustainable way of doing business.

As it was in 2014 and 2016, this continues to be the spirit that led us to co-finance the latest project of Solidarity Transport of the territory of Carpi: just few days ago a fully equipped DUCATO vehicle was donated to the volunteer association CENTRO AUSER MODENA (ausermodena.it). The vehicle is dedicated to the transport of citizens with disabilities or reduced mobility, children, and the elderly.

The current health emergency conditions and the provisions of the ministerial decree prohibit public demonstrations due to the epidemiological risk Covid-19: the traditional ceremony of delivery of the vehicle was therefore postponed, but both DUNA and the project promoter (I Progetti del Cuore, progettidelcuore.com) are proud to share this achievement with participants, colleagues, and citizens.


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