We start again with renewed energy, the 2nd edition of the "Silla Corradini" competition, a competition sponsored by DUNA in which students from the faculty of sculpture of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts are selected to participate.

The selection, organized in memory of Silla Corradini, founding member of DUNA who died in 2014, provides for the conception of artistic works on 3D files by the students of the Academy. Among the projects that will be presented, 3 will be rewarded by a Jury composed of Professors of the Academy and DUNA technicians and realized in the Modena plant with their materials. CNC machines and technical support are made available by the company.

The competition is aimed at enhancing the aspect of the continuous research that unites both art and the DNA of DUNA as well as the exchange of experiences and points of view between areas that seem to be at odds and which, also for this reason, have significant competences to be mutually exchanged .

In addition to the availability and professionalism of its CAD / CAM programmer technicians and R&D specialists, DUNA provides winners with different materials:
- CORAFOAM® MD 80 and CORAFOAM® MD 140, medium-high density foams already widely used in the modeling industry.
- DUNAPOX SEA, epoxy sealant developed for the high temperature carbon fiber lamination process and excellent as a surface coating, even with a glossy finish.

The competition will be developed in various phases throughout the year 2020, up to the realization of the three-winning works. At the end, a catalog will collect the projects and photographs of the pieces made and will be distributed in support of the Accademia exhibitions and DUNA events.

We will keep you updated on developments, in the meantime, take a look at the video of the previous edition:  https://bit.ly/2p6BsLP

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