The "Mirio & Silla" Contest starts again, the competition launched and sponsored by DUNA-Corradini addressed to the students of the Sculpture Faculty of Brera Academy to reinvent Art through new supports, such as high-performance polyurethane. This III Edition focuses on theme of Sustainability and proposes as material the new CORALIGHT ® 600 sheets, the new addition to the DUNA range born under the sign of UpCycling

Not even the pandemic can stop creativity! The "Silla Corradini" Competition starts again, which from this year will be entitled "Mirio & Silla", as an affectionate homage to the two recently deceased members who have given so much to the development of industry, innovation and the territory. As in previous editions, the artistic contest promoted and sponsored by the DUNA Group is addressed to the Faculty of Sculpture’s students of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Now come to its third edition, the Competition calls for the design of 3D artistic works to be made with materials designed and made in DUNA. The initiative aims to underline how continuous research and innovative tension unite the art of Brera and the first-class technical industry of DUNA: two apparently far apart fields, actually capable of dialogue and mutual enrichment.

For this edition, entitled "The Sustainable Beauty of Art", the material proposed to the young artists is the new CORALIGHT® 600, the latest born in DUNA under the hat of the wider project "SFRIDO ZERO". The new CORALIGHT® 600 high-density polyurethane sheets are in fact produced by the upcycling of high-quality production waste and are composed of a significant percentage of secondary material otherwise destined for disposal. An innovative product, able to combine sustainability, performance and aesthetics: the ideal support to develop artistic works, for indoor or outdoor, destined to amaze... and last!

On Tuesday 8 February 2022, the Brera Academy has hosted the first official meeting, held by the DUNA Team to explain to the young artists the characteristics, potential and applications of high-density polyurethane.
A Jury composed of Professors of the Academy and DUNA technicians will then evaluate the projects presented and identify the 3 winning works, which will be produced in duplicate in the DUNA plant in Modena taking advantage of the latest generation 5-axis CNC machines and all the technical support of the DUNA team. To allow the realization of a practically zero environmental impact product, in addition to the CORALIGHT® 600 sheets, DUNA will also provide the winners with solvents and VOC-free sealers (DUNAPOX BLACK SEA 125 and DUNAPOX BLUE SEA 125), castor oil based adhesives (DUNAPOL® AD) and natural pigments for the surface finish.

All phases of design, selection and implementation will take place throughout 2022 and will culminate with the publication of a catalog and a video dedicated to the candidate and realized projects. The Competition will end in December 2022 with the final exhibition of the 3 physical works, organized by the Brera Academy.

Do not miss the next stages of the Competition and relive the most beautiful projects of the last edition in the dedicated News and video

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