It has finally come to completion the expansion of the DUNA-USA headquarter in Baytown aiming to start the production of CORAFOAM® HPT low-density polyurethane sheets and optimize the already ongoing production of CORAFOAM® P and PB low-density polyisocyanurates. New automated cutting systems ensure maximum precision and customization of slab finishing to better meet the customer needs

With the new year comes to completion the third and final phase of expansion planned by the DUNA Group to enhance the DUNA-USA headquarter in Baytown (TX). The objective of this third intervention is the installation of a new facility for the production of finished sheets, ready to use, made of polysocyanurate (CORAFOAM® P and PB) or polyurethane foam (CORAFOAM® HPT), in densities between 35 and 50 kg / m3.

CORAFOAM® HPT is the market benchmark for the thermal insulation of refrigerated vehicles and structures; it is indeed able to combine reduced thermal conductivity values with a high mechanical resistance, making it ideal for self-supporting sandwich panels.

"The introduction of CORAFOAM® HPT in Baytown plant’s range is part of the DUNA Group's multi-year development plan, aimed at meeting the growing technological needs of the North American market", explains Guido Campolongo, Global Engineering & Industrialization Manager.

"CORAFOAM® HPT is able to offer a thermal conductivity of 21 mW/mK, a value that is among the best ever among thermal insulators with structural properties" adds Massimiliano Motta, R&D Manager. "Today, thanks to the recent investments, we make available to our American customers the advantages of this top-class product".

The new plant installed at DUNA-USA ensures maximum versatility in terms of dimensions, formats and surface finishes, as well as production efficiency and the highest quality of the final product, taking full advantage of the experience gained on the European market.

"Serving the local market in an increasingly targeted and efficient way, proposing ourselves as a specialized partner able to respond to the needs of the customer and suggest new application solutions that facilitate its activities is our mission. The recent investments put DUNA-USA in a position to offer a very high performance product entirely MADE IN USA, a fundamental aspect to reduce supply times, transport costs and environmental impact of the supply chain" concludes Marta Brozzi, President and CEO of the DUNA Group.

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