Finally chosen the 3 winners of the "Mirio & Silla" Competition, the contest conceived, organised and sponsored by DUNA-Corradini in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera aimed at students of its Faculty of Sculpture. For this III Edition themed Sustainability, 15 projects were presented, developed with the new CORALIGHT® 600, high density polyurethane boards resulting from an innovative UpCycling process. The winners will be awarded a scholarship and the opportunity to create their own artworks with the support of the DUNA TEAM and technologies.

DUNA welcomes the good season with good news: The third edition of the “CORPI LEGGERI” Competition finally has its winners! Once again, the 2022 artistic competition organised and sponsored by DUNA-Corradini in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera was aimed at the students of its Faculty of Sculpture, called to reinvent Art through the unprecedented use of high-performance polyurethane. Not a simple cultural initiative but a real demonstration of how two worlds apparently at the antipodes, Art and Factory, can dialogue, enrich each other and generate innovative beauty.

Renamed "Mirio & Silla" in honor of two recently deceased DUNA founders, this year's Competition was entitled "The Sustainable Beauty of Art" focusing indeed on the theme of Sustainability. No wonder, the material proposed by DUNA was the new CORALIGHT® 600, high density polyurethane obtained through UpCycling of the secondary products of production. A sustainability to be communicated through Art but also to be achieved through concrete actions, which embody that urgent message.

On Wednesday 8 June 2022, the official Jury, composed of Brera Teachers and DUNA Representatives, met online to evaluate the candidate projects and identify the 3 winning works. The students of Brera’s Faculty of Sculpture responded enthusiastically to the invitation to design 3D works of art, for indoor or outdoor, using CORALIGHT®600 polyurethane boards, DUNAPOL® AD adhesives and DUNAPOX epoxy resins for bonding and finishing. All 15 candidate projects were able to reinterpret the Green message in a surprising way, making the task of the Jury very difficult!

But what was up for grabs? For each winner, a scholarship and the possibility of realizing, right after the summer break, his work in duplicate at the DUNA plant in Soliera (MO), with the support of DUNA technicians and cutting-edge 5-axis CNC machines. To enable the creation of beautiful, durable and low environmental impact artworks, DUNA will provide the winners not only with CORALIGHT® 600 boards but also with highly sustainable finishing products, including DUNAPOX BLACK SEA 125 and DUNAPOX BLUE SEA 125 solvent- and VOC-free sealants, and DUNAPOL® AD adhesives based on castor oil and natural pigments.

Once realized, the works of art will be exhibited at the DUNA Headquarters and during the final exhibition organized at the Brera Academy in December 2022. On that occasion, the printed catalog and the official video dedicated to the Competition will also be presented.

But who are the 3 winners of the III Edition of the "Mirio & Silla" Competition?
It's time to find out together!

In third place we find Caterina De Donato with the project "Nature rests in the mystery of its invisible Beauty", or the three-dimensional conversion of sound waves generated by a voice recording of a sustainability theme’s book. The artist, inspired by CORALIGHT®600 and the idea of recovering the scraps of processing, an invisible resource otherwise wasted, recorded her voice while reading the phrase "Nature rests in the mystery of its invisible beauty". To give three-dimensional concreteness to the sound waves, the two-dimensional sonogram of the recording was then reprocessed through the AutoCAD ® software.

Second place went instead to the project "Regeneration" by Aurora Vettori, an interactive three-dimensional sculpture, composed of two circles wedged and crossed by a pattern of continuous waves that evokes the Planet Earth and the precious resource of Water. Thanks to the viewer’s action, the sphere can rotate on its pivot becoming a complete space, without "voids". Human interaction therefore becomes the very engine of the work and represents an active awareness of the environmental emergency.

Finally, the Jury chose Michela Malacrida and her project "House with red roof" as first place, where the CORALIGHT®600 board supplied was disassembled into 7 elements, inspired by contemporary architectural forms but recombined without respecting their original function. The result is an interlocking architecture that reinterprets traditional construction through a new perspective of living, an innovative structure in which the roof becomes a floor and with its bright red color invites the viewer to rethink his daily life and the relationship with what surrounds him, from the house to the Planet he lives.

The creativity of the artists of the Academy never ceases to amaze and inspire: the DUNA Team is proud that its Green commitment has found a new voice in artistic works of such originality and aesthetic value!

We want to thank all the Brera students who have dedicated time, talent and passion to the DUNA Competition, the Professors of the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy Gabriella Lo Ricco, Vittorio Corsini, Donatella Lazzarini and Cecilia Guida, as well as the whole DUNA Team, from the jurors Marta Brozzi, Andrea Corradini, Guido Campolongo, Simone Grandi, Athena Pedrazzoli, to the R&D Laboratory, Design and Production technicians, who will make possible the physical realization of these surprising works.

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