"Mirio & Silla" Competition: here the Video and Award Ceremony 2022!


On Tuesday, December 6th at Brera Academy of Fine Arts was held the Award Ceremony of the "Mirio & Silla" Competition III Edition: DUNA-Corradini had the pleasure of delivering the Scholarships to the 3 winners and to premier the new Video and Catalogue dedicated to "The Sustainable Beauty of Art"

The extraordinary creativity of the Brera artists and the incredible versatility of our products never cease to amaze us. Every year the wonder and magic are renewed: Art and Technology meet to give life to unique, surprising works…on top sustainable this year! For the III Edition of the "Mirio & Silla" Competition, in fact, we decided to focus on the theme of Sustainability and to propose to the students of the Faculty of Sculpture of the Brera Academy the new CORALIGHT®600, the last born in DUNA produced through UpCycling.

It is pure emotion to see our sustainable high-density polyurethane boards transformed into valuable works of art and to see them placed in all their beauty in the splendid context of the Brera Academy. It was a pleasure to host in our Modena Headquarters the 3 winners, Michela, Aurora and Caterina, to allow them to complete their works, produced by the DUNA Team in duplicate through the cutting edge 5-axis CNC machines.

Among the 15 projects nominated for this Edition "The Sustainable Beauty of Art", the Jury chose the 3 works that best reinvented the DUNA material and conveyed the desired message of sustainability, the heartfelt invitation to rethink our lifestyle and reduce our environmental impact.

In addition to the recognition of a Scholarship, wanted and financed by DUNA-Corradini, the 3 winners Michela Malacrida (I° classified), Aurora Vettori (II° classified) and Caterina De Donato (III° classified) had the opportunity to be actively involved in the realization of their work of art. To allow the creation of totally sustainable pieces, in addition to upcycled CORALIGHT®600 boards, DUNA also supplied the artists with DUNAPOX SEA 125 sealer, a solvent free epoxy primer with low VOC, and castor oil-based adhesives.

On Tuesday 6 December 2022 at the Brera Academy, the Award Ceremony took place in the presence of the Brera Teachers and a passionate DUNA delegation: during the event the Scholarships provided by DUNA-Corradini were officially handed over to the winners and the new Video and Catalogue 2022 were premiered

We invite you not to miss the 2022 Video, developed to tell the unprecedented and successful collaboration between Industry and Art, showing the finishing work carried out by the students during their stay in DUNA.

Once again thanks to the whole DUNA Team for turning these artistic projects into reality, to the Brera students for their enthusiasm and curiosity, and to the Brera Academy for its collaboration


To learn more about the III Edition of the "Mirio & Silla" Competition and the 3 winning projects, read the dedicated news
To watch the last edition video, click here

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