Ethics & Sustainability

The good reputation of a company

is created and maintained over time through constant and renewed attention to the context in which it operates.

As well as its own history, even the good reputation of a company is forged year after year by the daily interaction with its Stakeholders.

The word "Stakeholders" identifies the subjects or groups of subjects without which a company would not be able to achieve its corporate purposes. Stakeholders are all the cooperators, customers, suppliers, shareholders as well as the community resident in the neighbouring area.

DUNA supports the idea of ​​ethical and sustainable business. To this end, DUNA-Corradini commits on a daily basis to the pursuit of the best solutions in respect of the various interests at stake.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics applies to all employees regardless of the geographic location in which they operate, and by placing itself above any organizational hierarchy.

The Code sets out a number of shared values ​​and principles, issued by the Shareholders and the Board of Directors, which guide and inspire every business decision and everyone\'s behaviour in DUNA. In fact, the Code rules the interactions among members of the organization and those between them and external stakeholders, making the values ​​that have always inspired the work of our company even more explicit and concrete.

Download Code of Ethics
Download ISO 9001:2015 certificate

BS OHSAS 18001 Certification

To the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, obtained in 1998 and since then constantly renewed, DUNA-Corradini has added an organizational model and a Supervisory Board for the prevention and control of crime-risk under D.Lg. n. 231/2001 on the administrative liability of entities. We obtained therefore the BS OHSAS 18001 Certification for strengthening the effectiveness of the organizational model on the prevention and the safety of workers.

To realize a more ethical responsible and sustainable business idea, is a decision that starts from Ourselves.

The Direction

Download the "Safety Management System" Certification Part 1
Download the "Safety Management System" Certification Part 2

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