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DUNA-Emirates: a new production pole

in the arab emirate of FUJAIRAH.

Strengthened by its experience of the past years, when DUNA-Corradini became the technological partner of the main multinational companies for Polyisocyanurates (PIR) supplies to cryogenic projects in the most different and adverse parts of the world, and in anticipation of a revitalization of investments in the energy sector in the Gulf Area, the Group management accepted one of the most important challenges of its history: to create an independent company in the geographical heart of the Middle East.Thus the plan to establish a new production pole in the Arab Emirate of FUJAIRAH was born, in joint venture with the sister company DUNA USA.

The idea of opening a local production facility of polyurethanes and polyisocyanurates had been in the cards for some years, also thanks to Duna's positive experience in Qatar in 2007-2009. The operative decision has nevertheless been supported by historical customers, who have asked for a closer presence of DUNA in order to oppose local suppliers, usually not involved in complex industrial projects, but strong enough to create disturbances due to their presence on site.

With the growth of the company, we plan to develop a full-scale commercial independent unit that in cooperation with the Italian management for large projects, will have substantial autonomy in managing local markets and customers of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams. 

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