I received goods packed with your DUNAPACK polyurethane. How do I dispose it?

Polyurethane foam is NOT considered a special or hazardous waste, and therefore can be generally disposed of as municipal waste. In any case, please always refer to your local rules for the disposal of any kind of waste.

Is your product suitable for making mattresses, sofas and pillows?

No. The variety produced by the DUNA companies is rigid polyurethane and is mainly used for thermal insulation or modeling. It is not suitable for the production of mattresses, sofas and pillows, as once it is compressed, it does not return to its original shape.
If you are looking for polyurethane for mattresses, sofas or pillows you need to look for flexible polyurethane.

Does your polyurethane provide acoustic insulation?

No. Polyurethane is the best material for thermal insulation, but it offers very poor acoustic insulation.

What is the main purpose of your polyurethane?

As it is the best known insulating product, polyurethane is mainly used for thermal insulation. It works at its best in keeping temperatures low (as it is not suited to very high temperatures) so it is widely used throughout the cold chain (both transport and industry).
Many other uses are also possible thanks to its characteristics of lightness, resistance and workability, so it is used in a variety of fields and applications. Please take a look at the variety of our products to have an idea.

May I use your DUNAPOL® S spray systems to insulate my house?

Yes, but in order to spray our DUNAPOL® S systems you need a professional applicator. Please ask our offices and we will provide you with the name of a trusted applicator near to your area.

Are your polyurethane panels suitable for building industry?

Generally not, as building usually requires the use of sheets with coating. Our slabs do not have any kind of coatings, allowing water vapor to pass from one side to the other. This may be a problem for some building applications.

Our only product range for insulation in the building industry is DUNAPOL® S, a polyurethane system which needs to be sprayed by a professional applicator.

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