The DUNA Group alongside the Manager Volunteers for Training Parma Association, the non-profit organization since 2018 engaged in the training and work orientation activities of the students of the Higher Education Institutions and University Faculties of Parma and San Marino. On Thursday 7 July, Simone Grandi, Global & Innovation Manager of DUNA Corradini, spoke at the University of the Republic of San Marino to tell the undergraduates of the Management Engineering Degree Course about Problem Solving on the job

The DUNA Group has always paid great attention to the youth training and is committed to collaborating with Universities, High Schools and local training Institutions to contribute to the growth of the young minds of its Community. For this reason, DUNA has enthusiastically embraced the mission of the Manager Volunteers for Training Parma Association, the non-profit organization, formed by Managers from different industrial and commercial sectors, which since 2018 aims at the training and work orientation of the local young generations.

Thanks to partnerships with Higher Education Institutions and University Faculties of Parma and the Republic of San Marino, the MVFP Association promotes the culture of work, youth entrepreneurship and business development, trying to create a bridge between Study and Work, to remedy the misalignment between the educational system and the world of work, between the knowledge acquired at school and the skills actually sought by Companies, often causing youth unemployment and disorientation for graduates facing for the first time the labour market.

From 4 to 8 July 2022, several Volunteer Managers of the Association intervened at the Economic and Business Sciences Department of the University of the Republic of San Marino, to tell the students of the Management Engineering Course their experiences and strategies about Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility and personal and relational skills’ Enhancement. To reinforce these interventions, during the Intensive Course were also carried out simulations of job interviews and CV drafting as well as open discussions on concrete and current issues such as Value Creation, Costumer Orientation, Competition, Working relationships, Time Management, Assertive Communication, Negotiation and Teamwork.

"All of us Volunteer Managers commit ourselves every day to develop training and orientation programs designed specifically for last year’s students of High Schools and Universities with the ultimate goal of promoting the inclusion of young generations in the labour market" explains Renato Gaeta, President of the Association of Volunteer Managers for Training Parma and University Professor after many years of Marketing experience in multinational Companies such as the Unilever Group, Barilla and Giesse "With our young people we investigate the real challenges related to "doing business", without ever neglecting the centrality of people and their values. It is precisely the interventions of our volunteers, successful Entrepreneurs and Managers of prestigious international Companies with great experience and humanity, to give a concrete educational added value to the activities of our Association"

On Thursday 7 July, the Economic and Business Sciences Department of the University of the Republic of San Marino also hosted Simone Grandi, Volunteer Manager and Global Innovation & Operations Manager r of DUNA Corradini SpA, who tell the Management Engineering Students about his Problem Solving experiences and strategies. A real testimony, the result of the experience gained over the years and currently in DUNA, on how to deal with the operational problems that inevitably occur in real work environment, including the most structured and cutting-edge Companies. This intervention is part of a broader collaboration project between DUNA and MVF Parma, which began in 2021 with the joint intervention of Simone and Anita De Felice, Material Manager of DUNA Corradini and Undergraduates at the Management Engineering Faculty of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Thanks to her dual role, as Manager and University Student, Anita has represented a motivating best case for the students, the tangible proof of how Commitment and Targeted Training allow a fast yet satisfying entry into the labour market.

"The exchange with the students represents a continuous stimulus, it "forces" to question ourselves as people and professionals, but above all confirms the extreme relevance of the topics covered, centered on the most essential resource for each Company: People and their ability to play as a team" comments Simone Grandi, Global Innovation & Operations Manager of DUNA Corradini SpA " The volunteer experience at the Association allows the creation of a Network and Friendship with talented professionals, committed to their Community. The sharing of diversified managerial experiences enriches each of us volunteers and contributes to the growth and training of young completing their studies and first-time facing the world of work with confidence"

Thanks to Simone, Anita and all the volunteer Managers for the commitment and time dedicated to the personal growth and professional training of the young people of our Community!

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