360° evolution of special orders


From the technical consultancy through the choice of the most economically convenient solution, to the delivery times of the finished piece: the service and production process related to orders for customized products in CORAFOAM® and CORINTHO® of any density evolve.

DUNA-Corradini chooses the total approach to enhance the commercial offering of 3D special pieces in CORAFOAM® and CORINTHO® of any density. The special pieces include a wide range of custom-made products, which are very different from each other in geometry and dimensions. They represent a strategic component for the purpose of effective thermal insulation or mechanical support in many applications, including the Energy, Oil & Gas, Cold Chain, Nautical and Technical Furniture.

The extensive project to upgrade the Special Machining division started two years ago and involved the entire order management process: from supporting the customer in order to identify the most technically and economically effective solution, up to the timely and fast delivery of the finished product on construction sites all over the world.

The strengthening of the development, production and budgeting technical offices guarantees quicker feasibility studies, estimates and machine start-up as well as specialized pre-sales technical support and optimal nesting. At the same time, in the manufacturing area, investments in latest generation machinery have doubled production capacity and now allow delivery times to be halved, as well as the possibility to manage production peaks typical of these business areas. The investments also concerned the quality aspect, understood in its entirety: from the latest generation technologies enabling compliance with extremely stringent tolerances, to quality control on the finished pieces. The latter has been completely redesigned, adopting instruments based on laser technology inserted directly into the production cycle and capable of intercepting any deviations even on pieces with extremely complex geometries.

The most financially significant investments concerned the machine park where the existing lines and 5-axis pantographs were joined by three other latest generation machines, including a further 5-axis pantograph. The testing of a fourth equipment for the hot bonding of the DUNAPAP membrane -a secondary vapor barrier for Oil & Gas components- is expected by April 2021. The expansion of the production technical offices and the construction of an equipped tool area are also planned by the end of this year.

This investment is part of the strategic plan launched for the Italian plant aimed at enhancing the pre-sales technical service and expanding the commercial offer, thanks to a wider range of processes, in terms of type and achievable size.
The technological innovation makes this investment also a relevant contribution to the "Sfrido ZERO" plan, valid for the whole group. The plan was launched in 2015 by the company management and is aimed at eliminating processing waste through the efficiency of processes and the total recovery of the residue by 2025.

"With the inauguration of this investment, DUNA-Corradini has completed a development plan of primary importance, confirming its long-term commitment to efficiency and flexibility" - comments Simone Grandi, Global Innovations & Ops Manager. "DUNA reconfirms itself as Innovation Provider and responds to market demands about costs, speed of delivery and strong technological content by offering a shortened supply chain with relevant advantages in terms of competitiveness for the end customer" adds Guido Campolongo, Global Engineering & Industrialization Manager.

"Through this project, our Italian site proudly takes a significant step forward in line with the corporate strategy, aimed at enhancing products and services with incremental added value and anticipating the needs of the markets where we play as leader globally" - comments Marta Brozzi, President & CEO of the group.

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