Once again this year, the DUNA Group has organized a small surprise for all its Collaborators on the occasion of International Women's Day: a self-defense class to learn the basics of Aikido and how to react to unexpected dangerous situations. Each DUNA-Girl also received a cute sweatshirt dedicated to March 8th, symbol of the Fighting Violence against Women.

International Women's Day is always a welcome occasion for the DUNA Group to thank each female Collaborator for the commitment dedicated to the company's activities and to remember the fundamental and all-round role that each one plays for the entire Society every single day.

On this very special day we want to keep the attention on a theme that is still sadly urgent: the Fighting of Violence against Women. We are convinced that the integrity of the individual also depends on his community’s ability to listen, support and integrate; safety and psychophysical well-being of everyone, first of all women, must be considered not only an irrepressible right but also a sign of civilization and progress for the society that hosts it.

To raise awareness in the entire Team and give the DUNA-Girls a stimulating experience, this year DUNA has organized a self-defense class, carried out by AIKIDO certified instructors and aimed at all the collaborators working in DUNA-Corradini and DUNAPACK®. Learning the basics of this martial art, that teaches the most effective techniques to neutralize holds, parry blows and face unexpected physical assaults, DUNA-Girls have gained greater awareness and self-confidence.

To be stylish even on the tatami, all the DUNA-Girls also received a nice "NO WOMEN, NO FUTURE" sweatshirt, yet another warning on the importance of women for our Society. Thanks to the TEO Air in Place compostable air cushions from our DUNAPACK® Division, the little gifts came to our overseas colleagues perfectly intact, ready to be showed off.

Small thoughts for great women who every day contribute with joy and competence to the growth of the DUNA Group and the whole of Society.
Thank you Girls!


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