On September 7th, in Paris, at The AFF (Association française du Froid) headquarters, Dr. Giuliano Caselli held a lecture entitled "Insulating materials in the cold chain. A look at the future of Polyurethanes."

Among the various topics, “F-Gas Regulation” aroused considerable interest. F-Gas Regulation is a European law, which went into effect 2015, with the aim of gradually reducing the use of Fluorinated Gas (HFC), as part of a wider European policy looking for more and more sustainable and conscious solutions.

In the early 2000s fluorinated gasses (HFC) were introduced to replace HCFC because of their minor impact on ozone layer (ODP – Ozone Depletion Potential)

F-Gas Regulation provides a progressive phase-down of HFC in Europe in throughout the next decade, spurring the industry towards Research and Development of new “4th generation” blowing agents, able to reduce or even have zero GWP value (Global Warming Potential).

DUNA-Corradini's Research & Development has already started this path and today is already able to offer its customers high-performance alternative solutions.

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