CarpInScienza and its “TransformActions”


From 20th to 30th September "Carpinscienza", the festival dedicated to the discovery of technological innovation, will be back.

Thanks to the joint effort of secondary schools Fanti, Vallauri, Da Vinci and Meucci and despite the organizational difficulties of the moment, from 20th to 30th September Carpi will welcome “Carpinscienza", a festival dedicated to scientific divulgation, also supported by DUNA-Corradini.

“CarpInScienza” is more and more appreciated. The previous editions counted over 100 conferences and 44,500 attendees, with a trend of continuous growth thanks to guests of very high calibre, capable of involving and awakening curiosity and interest in an increasing number of people, including young people and not insiders: Cecilia Laschi, Luca Perri, Carlo Cottarelli are just some examples.

The festival is one of the initiatives that DUNA accepts to support every year in the name of scientific and technological divulgation and culture across the STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). "TransformActions" (in Italian, “TrasformAzioni”) is the theme of the sixth edition of the festival, perfectly in line with the continuous changes that characterize the world today: come to "transform" you too!

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