CORAFOAM® U 280 Oversize


State-of-the-Art 28 lb/ft³ rigid polyurethane foam tooling board offers larger footprint for plugs, master molds and will debut at JEC Americas 2015 in Houston, TX.

DUNA-USA, Inc (Baytown, TX), manufacturer of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams and chemicals, announces the official debut of a new 28lb/ft³ machineable foam tooling board at the JEC Americas show in Houston this June 2-4 at booth # 1226.

“Our new CORAFOAM® U280 tooling board was developed specifically for our customers requiring a larger footprint for master models, layup tools and other tooling foam applications,” states Korina Parras, Sales and Marketing Director at DUNA-USA. “With a maximum size of 96” x 48” x 8”, the U280 negates or significantly reduces the amount of bonding required for large and complex tools and masters.”

Additional soft tooling applications that can benefit from the larger U280 size include:

-Composite Layup Tools
-Foundry Patterns
-Check Fixtures
-Master Models

“DUNA-USA is excited to present our new CORAFOAM® U280 tooling board to the diverse group of visitors expected to attend the JEC Americas show. In addition to featuring the CORAFOAM® line of products, Dr. Max Motta, Research & Development Manager for the DUNA Group, will also be at our booth throughout the show to answer technical questions and discuss potential project applications,” says Parras.

DUNA-USA has manufactured rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams in the United States since 2001. With its specialized in continuous production technique, CORAFOAM® HDU has become the gold-standard in surface quality and cell structure among high-density polyurethane tooling boards.

The DUNA Group, comprised of DUNA-USA, DUNA-CORRADINI, and DUNA-EMIRATES, has been manufacturing foams, chemicals and adhesives for the insulation, modeling, signage, tooling, aerospace, and composites industries since 1957. They have locations in the USA, Italy and United Arab Emirates. Additional information can be seen at: or call DUNA-USA direct at: (281) 383-3862.

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