DUNA-Corradini launches the new video and website page dedicated to CORALIGHT®600, the new high-density polyurethane boards made by upcycling of secondary products. After the inauguration of the industrial upcycling plant in July 2021, DUNA confirms and accelerates the "ZERO WASTE" project aimed at recovering and transforming polyurethane scraps into new sustainable high-performance boards

DUNA goes steadily ahead with its "ZERO WASTE" project, the path towards the total sustainability of production processes and the transformation of polyurethane scraps into new high-performance products. Thanks to the new industrial upcycling plant, inaugurated in July 2021 after long research and significant investments, today DUNA is proud to offer CORALIGHT®600, the new high density PUR boards made from the recovery and enhancement of secondary products.

CORALIGHT®600 represents a innovative product capable of combining sustainability, aesthetics and excellent technical performances in terms of screw retention, bending strength, low water absorption and insulation capacity. A versatile solution, available in large slabs of customizable size and thickness, which finds application in numerous industries such as construction, thermal insulation, cold-chain, structural reinforcement, technical furnishings.

To explain the innovative scope of the industrial upcycling by DUNA and to explain to international customers all the properties, advantages and applications of the new CORALIGHT®600 polyurethane slabs, DUNA has just launched a video and landing page dedicated to its eco-friendly News.

"Thanks to the new industrial upcycling plant created in the Soliera Headquarters, DUNA-Corradini today realizes a complete circular economy" summarizes Guido Campolongo, Global Engineering & Industrialization Manager "CORALIGHT®600 represents not only a technological success but above all a stimulus to integrate sustainability in the design and development of new products and business processes, to combine in every new DUNA solution technical excellence and full respect for the environment"

We invite you to watch the new CORALIGHT®600 video and contact us to receive further info on the features and applications of our new high density PUR boards from upcycling


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