DUNA at the forefront for the ROMAGNA FLOODING Emergency with two simple yet concrete initiatives: the Aperi-dinner DUNA 4 ROMAGNA, the charity event to raise funds for certified projects supporting the flooded areas, and the adhesion to the FLOODING FUND, the initiative of Confindustria Emilia Centro for the devolution of working hours in favor of the affected Companies.

Always committed to supporting its Territory and charity projects of proven reliability, DUNA has not step away from the Emergency ROMAGNA FLOOD, deciding to support the affected people and companies of Romagna through two different charity initiatives. The objective of the DUNA Management was on the one hand to contribute as a Company in a direct and concrete way to the solidarity marathon underway for Romagna, on the other hand to sensitize the DUNA Team and local community towards the noble cause ... because Unity is Strenght!

Back in May, the DUNA Group has firmly joined the FLOODING FUND, the initiative organized by Confindustria Emilia Centro in collaboration with the Trade Unions CGIL, CISL and UIL to allow Emilian workers to donate the worth of one hour of work in favor of Romagna activities affected by the flood. Following the extraordinary adhesion by the DUNA Team, the DUNA Group Management has committed to donate € 23.547,60€, twentyfold the total amount collected thanks to the generous hourly contribution of its Collaborators (€ 1.177,38)...as the value and reputation of a company go far beyond mere product excellence.

"Once again, our Collaborators have been able to react, adhering promptly and in large numbers to the FLOODING FUND, to spontaneously donate an hour of their work to the Fundraising promoted by Confindustria Emilia Centro to support the flooded Romagna" underlines Gabriella Uguzzoni, HR Manager of the DUNA Group "Even in the face of this umpteenth emergency on our territory, we Emilians have been able to demonstrate our solidarity, as a Company and as individual citizens, despite the complex situation we are all facing "

Under the guise of the imminent summer closure, the DUNA Group then decided to organize the DUNA 4 ROMAGNA charity event, a nice aperi-dinner in the orchard to thank all the Collaborators of the Soliera Headquarters for their constant dedication and renew its commitment to the Romagna Emergency through a corporate Fundraising.The DUNA summer event took place on Wednesday 26 July at the Agriturismo Fattoria Maria di Soliera (MO), committed in turn to donating part of the proceeds to the Fundraising for the affected populations of Romagna.

During the evening was held a free and voluntary charity lottery, where the DUNA Team members had the chance to delight with the fun Neapolitan Smorfia and award excellent food and wine products, purchased directly from Romagna companies victims of the current emergency. The event proceeds (1.315,00 euro) have been multiplied by the direct contribution (x20) of the Company Management reaching a total amount of 26.300,00 euro, which will be donated to certified projects to support the flooded areas.

"After the COVID Emergency outbreak, the DUNA Group had to suspend corporate summer events to safeguard the health and safety of its Employees. The new ROMAGNA FLOOD Emergency has pushed us to relaunch them, to organize a special evening to give our concrete contribution to the affected populations and companies of Romagna, as well as to thank our Team for the great competence and constant collaboration" confirms Marta Brozzi, President & CEO of the DUNA Group "The aperi-dinner "DUNA 4 ROMAGNA" has recorded a very large response among the Collaborators of all departments and it turned out to be a really welcome opportunity to bring together the entire Team and put in place the usual enthusiast generosity of Emilian people, to support our Romagnol neighbors in distress"

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