DUNA 4 TEDxModena Salon 28/9


There is great expectation for the next TEDx Salon event titled #BeTheFuture. It is organized by TEDxModena with the aim of spreading ideas, technologies, culture and innovation through a fresh and affordable approach like the one represented by TEDx Talks, now famous all over the world .

Once again, high-level speakers such as Andrea Pontremoli, Elisabetta Menetti, Francesca Crescentini, Gloria Gaspari, Luca Demontis, Luca Dondoni will have seats on the stage of the prestigious San Carlo Institute of Modena to share their innovative ideas with the public.

Also for this edition, DUNA-Corradini confirms itself as a partner and supporter of the event, in line with its corporate mission of "Innovation Providers". 

"We are convinced that accessible disclosure and - why not? - also fun to know, know how and the new frontiers of applied technology is an essential starting point to understand the possible future scenarios of our society" says Marta Brozzi, CEO and President of the group. "Through the sharing of ideas and experience in the most varied fields of science, culture and entrepreneurship we have a great opportunity" Marta continues "we have some more tools to decide which company we want to be tomorrow and to direct our choices and our work both as citizens and as professionals at all levels ". 

"For this reason, DUNA-Corradini has supported TEDx initiatives in the Modena area since its inception".

We are waiting for you on September 28th at 8.30 pm at the Church of San Carlo in Modena.

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