DUNA and Koerner presenting a seminar in Taiwan


DUNA-Corradini, specialist in polyurethane manufacturing and its customer and partner Koerner Engineering, Taiwan leading insulation contractor, presented a joint technical workshop in Taiwan on July 18th and 19th.

The technical seminar, which took place in Mailiao and in Taipei (Taiwan), was addressed to Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, the Taiwan based global Oil&Gas company, leader in oil refinery and in the production of gas derivates including cryogenic liquefied ones like Ethylene and LNG (Temp. -170/+20°C).

DUNA-Corradini's presentation, introduced by Andrea Federzoni, mainly focused on the use of Polyurethane and Polyisocyanurate in industrial cold and cryogenic insulation:
- introduction to polyurethane and its chemistry
- main fields of applications and related benefits.
- Compliance with international protocols: 3rd and 4th generation of blowing agents.
- Different types of foams and and chemicals specifically design for industrial insulation

Koerner has focused its presentation on the technology of cold insulation installation including the ancillary materials to be applied together with PIR foam in accordance to the best practice in order to maximize the insulation performances for the PIR (with related longer duration and cost saving).

The presentation was aimed at maintainers, master builders, installers at the Formosa factory, but also to designers and engineers. To them in particular, a focus on international standards, regulations, properties and common used unit of measurement has been made.

More and more technical marketing specialist, DUNA-Corradini is a reference in the field of thermal insulation, able to provide know-how and a high level of technological knowledge, experience and expertise that is increasingly appreciated in the markets around the world.

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