Months of intense work, especially during the COVID-19 emergency, have allowed DUNA-Corradini to successfully complete the ISO 14001:2015 certification path, the most updated international organizational model for environmental management.

The decision to adopt an environmental management system is part of a wider sustainability program launched by the company management in 2013.

The purposes of the ISO 14001: 2015 certification are many:
- to better structure and organize systematically the numerous activities aimed at researching and designing products;
- to make processes increasingly sustainable;
- to constantly monitor the effectiveness of waste reduction and circular economy initiatives; through challenging objectives assigned to the various corporate areas.

"To achieve this result in the scheduled quality and times, DUNA has worked incessantly also and especially during the COVID-19 emergency" - explains Daniele Baraldi, Resp. Quality Assurance and Corporate RSPP -
"This was only possible thanks to the competence, dedication and determination of the DUNA team who worked tirelessly even during the lockdown, motivated by a goal shared by all within the company, namely to belay the protection of the environment in which we live and work in every action and daily choice"- says the President and CEO Marta Brozzi - "The emergency COVID-19, rather than slowing us down, almost paradoxically provided a further impetus towards the goal in order to show, that not only not we give up but that we are more determined than ever”.

"Attention to the environment, health and safety in compliance with all the regulations and laws in force as well as ethics in relations with each Stakeholder and the territory are for the entire DUNA group a shared choice, felt at every hierarchical level" - concludes Andrea Corradini, Delegate for Prevention, Safety and Environment.

These concepts are now part of a consolidated corporate philosophy summarized in the document on quality, health, safety and environment policy. This philosophy has continued to grow and evolve over time starting from obtaining the ISO 9001 Certification (Management System for the Quality) back in 1998, followed by BS OHSAS 18001 (Worker Safety and Health Management System) certification in 2014, by ISO 9001 certifications of both US foreign branches in 2019 and UAE in early 2020 and today by ISO 14001.

"DUNA is also working intensively on other projects that are part of our strategy regarding the environment, safety and sustainability, some of which will take shape in the coming months" - concludes Eng. Brozzi.