DUNA-Corradini joined the RSI Club


In these days, DUNA-Corradini formalized its membership to the Club for Social Responsibility of Modena companies.

What is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the integration of ethical concerns in the strategic vision of enterprise: it is a manifestation of the will to effectively manage issues of social and ethical impact by large, small and medium-sized enterprises, both inside them and in their areas of activity.

In recent decades, the traditional view that considers a company as a privately owned tool to be used exclusively for profit has been strongly challenged. The idea that the company has an ethical dimension, in addition to the economic and legal one, it is now widely accepted, but such an acknowledgment is not yet fully diffused within the profession even though many are the elements that suggest a necessary change in direction.

It is a challenge because the synergy between social and economy never takes place automatically but it is the result of an always temporary conquest, played on the ground of managerial professionalism and entrepreneurial creativity.

Why we would like to promote it:

In the etymological sense, to CONVENE comes from a latin word that means TO COME WITH, to meet, to be in harmony. In this view, to design sustainability of business means to adopt a strategy to compete longer and more effectively in the market, and the potential benefits can be identified on several fronts:

- Corporate climate: it favours motivation, dialogue and involvement of employees

- Relations with the local community: the company focus on the needs of the area is positively perceived and contributes to the quality of life with concrete initiatives.

- Reputation and loyalty: the company's reputation can only improve as a result of a consistent and well communicated CSR policy, contributing to the development of loyal and motivated clientele.

- Show ethical sensitivity also been a prerequisite for the recruitment of the most qualified and motivated employees.

The commitment to "ethical" business entered directly the so-called chain value, opening new routes and competitive levers that are consistent with a "sustainable development" for the community.

What is the Club

The club, active since 2009, sponsored by the Ministry of Labour and Economic Development aims to create a network of innovative companies in the territory of Modena determined to use the Social Responsibility of Business as a factor of commercial distinction.

Members companies undertake to design and act in different fields that involve human resources and the quality of work, environmental sustainability, or projects for the area including the relationships with schools and institutions.

By adhering to the Club, the company commits itself to carry out ethical projects to which DUNA-Corradini is not new: initiatives for safety in the workplace, for the analysis of the business climate, for the integration between school and labour world are already an integral part of business strategies, and to these we added the development of products with reduced environmental impact, projects to reduce and recycle waste, and dutiful initiatives in support of our community recently affected by the earthquake.

We feel therefore naturally able to comply with the new challenges that the Club membership entails, and ready to measure ourselves and to speak our mind on how we see a more sustainable future for our community.


Marta Brozzi
Gabriella Uguzzoni
Lara Parmeggiani

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