DUNA obtains certification for final seismic practicability


Two years after the earthquake that struck Emilia Romagna region (May 2012), in accordance with local regulations and  four years prior to the expiration of the statutory period, DUNA-Corradini got the certificate of total and ultimate seismic practicability for the entire complex of Soliera.

The Law Decree nr. 74, issued immediately after the event and converted by Law 122 on the 01/08/2012, sanctioned the need for improvement of buildings for industrial use in order to secure people, things and activities in earthquakes of equal or greater magnitude, identifying in two steps the necessary actions on infrastructures:

Step 1 - Provisional seismic practicability
(Deadline: 30/06/2013, later extended to 31/12/2014), reached by DUNA-Corradini for all of its buildings within the original term (June 2013), in advance of the legal obligations and self-financing each intervention.

Step 2 - Final seismic practicability.
In phase 2, whose deadline is 2018, it was established what was required to implement the real anti-seismic improvement.

After inspections, all the buildings of the complex of DUNA-Corradini, Soliera have been certified to the required level of security and therefore, in accordance with current regulations, do not require further intervention.

The sensitivity and rapidity with which the company has been able to assimilate and fulfill the terms of the law, even far anticipating the times, represent the clearest demonstration of the commitment with which DUNA-Corradini intends to proceed with its manufacturing activities and research, i.e. with the utmost attention to the safety of its employees.

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