The daily and pragmatic commitment of DUNA-Corradini for the continuous improvement of working environment and of safety of its Employees goes on.Beyond the legal obligations (to which the plant has always been compliant) DUNA-Corradini has recently completed the upgrading of the existing air intake.

The considerable investment involved the enhancement of air intake capacity in all areas of production of the plant; the departments have been equipped with new facilities designed to minimize the environmental impact of work on operators and to recover dust from the cutting of the material, allowing a differentiation in the collection of waste.

All installed facilities, in line with all previous interventions, have been designed with attention to energy saving and, therefore, closely linked to the intensity of operation of the served production equipments: the power intake automatically goes from a maximum (during peak activity of production cycle) to a minimum (during temporary interruptions of activity) ensuring a rational and efficient energy consumption.

The facilities were also designed with a great attention to  noise, in order to minimize the impact on noise pollution in the workplace.

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