DUNA-Corradini has for years, been a partner and sponsor of TEDxModena and supports the “TEDxModenaWomen: BOLD + BRILLIANT” initiative. It will take place on 7th December at the Florim Gallery in Fiorano Modenese.

The event is part of a global TED call, linked to the TEDWomen2019 event (Palm Springs, CA): in the same week, in 166 cities around the world, "BOLD+BRILLIANT" women will go on stage to spread ideas that deserve to be shared.

What is TED. Acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design, it is a non-profit organization dedicated to "ideas worth spreading". Born in 1984 in California, TED has grown through multiple initiatives characterized by cycles of conferences on a wide range of subjects. Many personalities who held the so-called TED Talk: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Bill Gates, but also rock star Bono and tennis champion Serena Williams. Recently, even Pope Francis contributed with an intervention. All interventions cannot exceed 18 minutes in duration and are made available free of charge on the ted.com platform.

What is TEDx. In the spirit of "ideas worth spreading", a few years ago TED launched the TEDx program, with which to promote local events, organized independently, all over the world and which aim to bring people together to share a experience similar to that experienced with TED.
The TED conferences provide the general guiding model for TEDx events, but local TEDxes are independently implemented.

14.30 - 15.30: Check-in
15.30: TALK SESSION part 1
17.30: TALK SESSION part 2

The event will be mainly in Italian, but for the first time it will be covered by a simultaneous translation service for presentations in English and will be completely accessible to all.

Info and tickets: https://bit.ly/2sijeZC