In the context of actions designed and promoted in favor of or territory, DUNA-Corradini hosted two middle school classes at its own plants. Interested in our activities this year were the third classes, sections A and B, of the institute A.Sassi of Soliera, our guests in the morning of 4th of February.

This visit is part of a larger project to which our company participates, to facilitate educational guidance and, like last year, it is meant to illustrate our occupation also through practical lab demonstrations, R&D and guided tour led by our managers.

To both classes, led by professors Maugeri, Falciola, Pignatelli and Lodi, in fact we showed activities and products of the company through multimedia material, practical laboratory tests (live “free rise” foaming) and a tour in the production departments, giving an overview of the work environment and arising curiosity and interest for the work world.

A rich and shared cooperation between workplaces and school communities can do a lot to create awareness and passion in our kids.

Dialogue and concrete actions like this are a very powerful tool in the hand of a school that feels the responsibility of shaping our future society.For this reason, our appreciation goes to curious, dynamic and attentive Professors and Principals who arrange these ventures.

A sincere thank you from DUNA Direction to all our cooperators who carry out these things with enthusiasm and smile in spite of their already full workload. We think that making knowledge, time and space available is a sustainable and concrete way to realize corporate social responsibility.

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