"SILLA CORRADINI" COMPETITION - Selection of winners


On June 12th in Milan, at the Academy of Brera, a jury selected the three winning projects of the Competition in memory of Silla Corradini, co-founder of DUNA who died in 2014.

In 2016 in fact, DUNA and Academy signed an agreement to launch a DUNA-sponsored competition: more than a dozen of sculpture students joined and conceived as many artworks on 3D files.

Given the high quality of the presented work, the choice was particularly challenging. The jury consisted of Academy Professors and DUNA technicians, and considered the intentions of expression and content (poetic), the ability to translate them into artistic language, the aesthetics of artwork, the student's commitment to file development, and the technical feasibility on our machines. Then, it unanimously awarded the prizes to:

  • 1st place (€ 1000): 
Sara Marioli with the work "my dream in the drawer", a reflection on how to protect her dreams from external influence.
  • 2nd place (€ 700): 
Marianna Cantisani with a beautiful project on the effects of time.
  • 3rd place (€ 500): 
Zhang Qian with a "green" inspiration artwork on water conservation.

DUNA will host the winners in autumn, providing them with materials, CNC plants, production planners and R&D chemistry staff to realize the three artworks in two copies: one will be owned and displayed by DUNA- Corradini and the other will remain property of the artist and exhibited at the Brera Academy.

All the works participating in the competition will be collected in a catalogue that will be available in the second part of the year.

See you soon for the next update!

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