DUNAPACK division of DUNA-Corradini, specialized in the production of protective packaging in air, paper and polyurethane foam, officially launches the "Total Environment Care" program: a series of initiatives with the aim of steadily improving products and services and develop concrete innovations to reduce the environmental impact and improve the workplace conditions, also with the help of its users.

The first of the taken actions, ultimated in these days, refers to FIP (Foam In Place), a widely used system in protective packaging, whose users often expressed concerns about the work environment.

Determined not to remain inert spectators, and aware of the misinformation used by the competitors to attack our products, we commissioned a check to Studio ALFA of Reggio Emilia (accredited and certified company for environmental surveys and analysis) who conducted tests by some of our customers.

The results of the studies carried out by Studio Alpha indicate an irrelevant risk related to the use of DUNAPACK products and reassure the safety of operators using the polyurethane foam dispenser machines under normal conditions of use. The surveys wanted to monitor what happens on a daily basis in a sample of companies using our FIP systems, without modifying variables that could have affected the final outcome. Although repeating the checks in working environments with different formulations and dispensing machines, as well as with different settings of the same machine and quantity of dispensed foam during the sampling period (total and single bag), the outcome of the analysis still indicates an irrelevant risk for exposure to our products.

To show the completeness of the investigation commissioned to Studio Alfa, all the substances detected by laboratory equipment have been identified, and not just those directly related to our products. The measured values of the substances are well below the exposure limits measured over the 8 working hours, and are comparable to what is named "environmental background", consisting of acetaldehyde, acetone, formaldehyde, aliphatic hydrocarbons and methylethylketone.

We are grateful to both our laboratory and safety engineers, to the Studio Alfa engineers, and particularly to safety managers and operators of our customers, who withstood the disadvantages of this initiative.

Mirio Brozzi – DUNAPACK Division Manager
Giulia Cavazzuti - R&D Packaging Specialist

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