TRAINING, MY LOVE: curricular internships in the company


DUNA-Corradini continues, in full compliance with all COVID-19 containment regulations, its close collaboration with local universities to train students through curricular internships and make its contribution to the world of education and local entrepreneurship.

Difficulties dictated by the prolonged pandemic emergency do not stop the reception program for university students in curricular internships collaborating with the Italian universities of Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia that DUNA-Corradini has started for some time.

The involved faculties are mainly Engineering and Chemistry, but this program will soon be extended to others. Recently, four students were included in the Quality Assurance, and Operations & Innovation areas where they followed projects related to quality, research and development, production and logistics among those proposed by the company to professors and universities.

DUNA is committed to supporting students throughout the course in the company, providing coaching by senior staff, latest generation equipment and resources in general for the proper conduct of the entire didactic-experimental internship.

"We invest a lot of resources and energy in this project because we believe in the benefits for the entire territory" comments Gabriella Uguzzoni, HR manager of DUNA-Corradini. "It is a precious opportunity of cooperation among young people, training system and companies. The program leads undergraduates through the professional requests of the local entrepreneurial fabric, creating the basis for a lasting collaboration in support of innovation, quality and sustainability on which our territory must focus."

A university internship is useful to all parties involved: students deepen skills related to their course of study and confront the industrial context, enriching their resumes; while universities have the opportunity to measure how much their educational offer is in in line with the business needs.

"These paths represent "positive contaminations" that enrich us with up-to-date knowledge and enthusiasm coming from undergraduates" comments Simone Grandi, head of the Group's Operations & Innovation Area. “Even during the pandemic, DUNA's support for our young people entering the world of work has never stopped” he states happily.

"Today IT tools make possible what was not until recently” adds Marta Brozzi, President and CEO of the group. “However, it remains essential to work alongside experienced personnel to acquire business culture and engage in team play; "getting your hands dirty" in a laboratory in search of unconventional solutions is an irreplaceable professional and social experience" she continues. "You can't ask Michael Jordan to score a hoop on Zoom and think that the experience for the audience and the players is the same" she concludes with a smile.

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