In 2016, in partnership with the company Servizi di Utilità Sociale Srl, DUNA-Corradini committed itself to the sponsorship of a vehicle devoted to the Onlus Auser, a charitable association located in Modena with the purpose of promoting services to people and community.

The recently inaugurated vehicle will serve both healthcare transport and social services for people in difficult situations, in cooperation with nursing homes, schools or centers for the disabled.

Promotion of accessibility, participation and equality are only few of the countless ways in which Social Responsibility can act and make a real difference in a territory.

Employment, work safety and education are themes already touched by specific interventions of DUNA in the past. With this small gesture, DUNA means to give continuity to its commitment in contributing to the more and more pressing needs of the territory.
From sponsorship of this kind of initiatives to the improvement of sustainability of its own productive processes, to the renewed cooperation with schools and universities of different types and levels, in the awareness that being able to contribute to the betterment of quality of life of our community is not only a duty but also a great honor.

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