Once again this year, on the occasion of Christmas, the DUNA Group committed to organize a special appointment for its Team: a opportunity to thank all our Collaborators for their commitment and share the 2023 achievements. To relive the DUNA event, don't miss the dedicated Photo-gallery and Video!

For the DUNA Group, 2023 ended with a very special event: our Christmas Party, aimed to bring together the whole Team, thank everyone for their dedication and expertise while sharing the achievements, new challenges and tomorrow opportunities. We wanted to get together, as always for Christmas, to celebrate, to welcome the well-deserved holidays, but above all to share lighthearted moments after a very challenging year.

Once again, the DUNA Group has been able to react to the great economic, social and human challenges with determination, spirit of initiative and generosity. Those demonstrated by the DUNA Team and the Management towards the Romagna Flood Emergency: in 2023, through Confindustria Emilia Centro Flood Fund and the DUNA Charity event, we collected and donated a total of €46,847 to support the restart of populations, companies and activities in the affected Romagna area

We reconfirmed our commitment toward Environment and Sustainability issue: in 2023 Environment Social Governance Project, aimed at monitoring and continuously optimizing Corporate activities, which will culminate with our first Sustainability Report in 2024.

Once again this year, we gave life to innovation and continuous improvement projects, completed on time and well beyond expectations. At the Soliera Headquarters we inaugurated a new post-curing plant for the BLACK CORINTHO® line, the high-density PUR boards (800 and 1100 kg/m3) for tooling and master modeling at high temperatures, to ensure perfect product physical-chemical stability and simplify our customers' processing. We worked to maximize the sustainability of the DUNAPACK® proposal, our Division specialized in on-demand air, foam and paper packaging: for the Air in Place line we focused on reducing the film thicknesses to minimize the consumption of raw materials and plastic; for the Foam in Place line we instead developed the new DUNAPACK® BIO version, polyurethane foam cushions produced with up to 60% carbon from renewable sources, designed to reduce C02 emissions by up to 30%, with the same protective performance (dedicated news will follow shortly). To promote DUNA technical excellence and expertise, we doubled our international exposure, attending the main global trade fairs for the Composites (JEC WORLD and JEC Italy), Oil & Gas (Gastech Singapore) and Building (Made Milano) industries.

We renewed our engagement toward our Community, supporting many local Associations volunteering in social, cultural and sport projects. We worked hard to continue to grow, in full respect of our Partners, the Territory hosting us and the Code of Ethics that we voluntarily adopted in 2014 and since then constantly observed to ensure fairness and transparency in relations with all Stakeholders.

We never stopped innovating by developing new technical solutions with high Sustainability value thus with same top-class performance, designed to anticipate or solve the needs of our customers in multiple applications. All achievements were made possible by our experience, cutting-edge technologies and the pragmatism, creativity and determination of our Team.

That’s why the DUNA Group wanted to bring together its entire Team to share investments and achievements, to reflect on the tomorrow challenges but above all... to celebrate Christmas together!

To relive the best moments of our Christmas Event 2023, do not miss the dedicated video or browse the Photo Gallery

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to the whole Team for its commitment and for taking part to our special evening so numerous and cheerful.

Happy 2024 to you all and... GO DUNA!

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