DUNA-Corradini opens to the Technical Institute “E.Fermi”


In order to foster and implement a collaboration between schools and the business realities of our area, DUNA-Corradini in February welcomes a student of the 5th class of the Technical Institute E.Fermi of Modena for an internship in its laboratory.

The student is currently enrolled at the Industrial Chemistry Technology Course, and the experience of internship is part of the schedule of the fifth class, carried out by the Technical E.Fermi all years and for all students.

This is not the first time that DUNA-Corradini decides to open its doors to this kind of initiatives, having already welcomed students from the school A.Meucci of Carpi in the past. This time, however, we decided to open to students of a technical school also in consideration of the suffering faced by a great part of the chemical/biomedical field in our area, due to the dramatic combined effects in our region of the economic crisis and earthquake.

The student will be assigned to the Control Laboratory for the whole period of his stay, where he will be accompanied by a tutor who will train him to verify with practical applications what he is learning in his course of study. In particular, an important area of intersection between the subjects of his studies and his future experience with us is certainly represented by the skills on synthetic polymers: properties and behavior, mechanisms of polymerization and production technologies, to which we will combine the control procedures and the use of our laboratory instruments.

However, we believe that also elements of business organization, and notions of the application of the products in real markets could be of no less interest to him during the internship.

Schools and companies are two critical levers for the development of our economy, especially in a period of significant economic hardship and transformation like the one we are experiencing. Both are important educational subjects not only professionally, but also socially and personally and for this reason it is good that they establish a constructive cooperation, which is essential to improve the preparation of graduates and to train them not only about the technical skills, but also with regard to the organization of work, the corporate culture and  the real markets.

We also believe that taking an active role and bringing into the schools the demand for real skills is a useful and practical way to interpret the corporate social responsibility, allowing schools to build their training offer according to real needs.

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