DUNA WITH THE HEART: New means of transport for oncology patients and disabled people


The DUNA Group is proud to support "Progetti del Cuore" and the initiative of the ANT ITALIA ONLUS Foundation to provide the Community of the Union of the Terre d'Argine with a new means of transport for cancer patients and disabled people

In DUNA technological research, passion and innovation have always been linked to the values of Responsibility and Respect for the people, the environment and above all for the territory that hosts us. For this reason, every year we are committed to supporting local voluntary associations and thanking our Community with small concrete actions. This time we decided to support the ANT Italia Onlus Foundation and the initiative promoted by the charity "Progetti del Cuore" to give the Community of the Unione Terre d'Argine a new means of transport for oncology patients and disabled people.

The ceremony of delivery of the new Doblò took place on Wednesday 26 January 2022 at the Charity Point of Carpi (Modena), in the presence of local authorities, the President of the Foundation Dr. Raffaella Pannuti and Guido Campolongo, Member of the Board of Directors of DUNA-Corradini, called to testify to the constant commitment to support our beloved territory.


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