"Silla Corradini" Competition


DUNA-Corradini S.p.A., manufacturing company of polyurethane foam, has always invested in new products and new applications research. In this uninterrupted innovation viewpoint and in cooperation with Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, in October DUNA-Corradini gave start to the “Silla Corradini” competition, named in memory of a founder member died in 2014,

In these days in fact DUNA and Brera Academy signed an agreement to promote a competition sponsored by DUNA in which approx. 30 students will take part. Students will design artworks on 3D files, and 3 of them will be rewarded by a panel of judges composed by Academy professors and DUNA specialists. The 3 winning artworks will be realized thanks to DUNA materials and CNC equipments.

It’s not the first time that DUNA-Corradini collaborates with schools and Universities but it’s the first time that it organizes a competition in order to promote Art students’ works and in the meanwhile its own materials in the art area. Academy of Belle Arti di Brera, in Milan, is a foreground public Athenaeum and one of the most ancient in Italy; every year more than 3000 international university students choose it.

After the competition presentation to the students, in November DUNA will host the participants in its Soliera HQ (Modena) for one training day in which work and cut capabilities of our 3D equipments at 3 and 5 axys will be explained.

DUNA makes available to the aspirant artists not only its materials but also its operators know-how for machine design and artworks realization, and our R&D chemists will support the students with the use of epoxy sealer during the finishing part. This cooperation and knowledge exchange is the main training value of the experience, intensely pursued by Academy and DUNA.

By May 2017 the students will have the files developed to submit to the Jury of competition; the 3 winners will get rewards of 500, 700 and 1000 € and within October 2017 they will be hosted in DUNA for 3 days in order to realize their artworks.

Materials made available to winners will be:
- medium-high density foam CORAFOAM® MD 80 (80 kg/m3 ), already used in the modelling sector as it can offer excellent workability, maximum corner precision, compatibility with every solvent, resistance to atmospheric agents, lightness, thin structure and perfect surface finish.
- DUNAPOX™ BLUE SEA epoxy sealer for surface covering able to create a smooth surface and a glossy finish.

The 3 winning artworks will be realized in double copy (one for the artist and the other one for DUNA), and they will be exposed both in Milan by the Academy, and in DUNA. A catalogue will gather artworks pictures and files drawings, and it will be handed out during the expositions.

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