At the Soliera Headquarters has just been inaugurated a new post-curing plant for the BLACK CORINTHO® line, the high density PUR boards for high temperature tooling and production of direct lamination molds and master-models. This latest technological investment enables DUNA-Corradini to guarantee maximum physical/chemical stability of the new cutting-edge product and further reduce the environmental impact of its production cycle.

June 2023 marks a new milestone for the DUNA Group along the continuous innovation path, with the inauguration of a new post-curing plant for the BLACK CORINTHO® line, the high density PUR boards (800 and 1100 kg/m3) for tooling and master-modeling at high temperature.

Ever since committed to scientific research and technological investments, DUNA-Corradini has completed the installation of a new state-of-the-art autoclave at the Soliera Headquarters to optimize the production cycle of its new PUR solution dedicated to high temperature tooling and the production of direct lamination molds and and master-models. The objective of this umpteenth intervention is the supply of a product with perfect physical-chemical stability, which is added up to the already excellent technical performances, and the simplification of processing activities for the end customer.

The inauguration of the new post-curing plant confirms DUNA constant attention to the clients’ technical and production needs as well as the desire to facilitate processing activities through the supply of a product with easy workability and reduced environmental impact.

Innovative and high-performing material for tooling and direct lamination moulds and master-models in the automotive, aerospatial, defense and precision design industries, BLACK CORINTHO® is characterized by high temperature resistance (+205°C), reduced thermal conductivity values, great workability and, thanks to the latest technological innovation, maximum physical-chemical stability, being an ideal substitute for aluminium and other traditional materials. To complete the range of high density PUR tooling boards (800 and 1100 kg/m3) and support the customer in the processing and finishing phase, DUNA has also developed two lines of epoxy adhesives and sealers, DUNAPOX AD and DUNAPOX BLACK SEA, compatible with BLACK CORINTHO® boards and resistant to the same operating temperatures.

In addition to optimizing the technical performance of the product, the new autoclave contributes to reduce the environmental impact of the entire production cycle, ensuring significant energy savings compared to less efficient technology, still widely used by other manufacturers. An investment suited then not only to technical excellence but also in line with the wider "ZERO WASTE" project, the set of initiatives and actions made by DUNA since 2015 to pursue the progressive reduction of the business processes’ environmental footprint.

«Customer orientation and sustainable production are two of the most important challenges facing today. InDUNA we have always been committed to putting our technical expertise and innovative tension at the service of our partners, developing excellent solutions, with maximum efficiency, ease of implementation and reduced environmental impact" says Guido Campolongo, Chief Technology Officer of the DUNA Group "The new post-curing plant for the BLACK CORINTHO® line, recently inaugurated at our Soliera Headquarters, represents yet another effort by DUNA for the continuous improvement of products and business processes, aiming at responding in an even more targeted way to the clients’ processing needs and transforming the BLACK CORINTHO® range into the new market benchmark for tooling, master modeling and precision design"

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