CORINTHO® is an entirely new style of polyurethane modeling and tooling boards designed by our R&D team to be the DUNA Group’s flagship and specific product for all sectors requiring a high degree of precision, detail and machinability (both manual and CNC machines). 

· Carbon prepreg layup molds
· Master models
· Vacuum forming
· CAD Design verification, prototyping
· Composite layup tooling

BLACK CORINTHO® is a low CTE, high-temp, highly stable polyurethane tooling board designed for a wide variety of tooling applications. 
Its high thermal conductivity allows quicker autoclave and oven processing.
Designed to expand and contract under temperature, the BLACK CORINTHO® is ideal for use with high or low temperature curing prepregs where a high degree of stability or dimensional tolerances is desired. 

· 200°C (400°F) service temperature
· High thermal conductivity = faster autoclave processing 
· Ultra-low CTE, excellent dimensional stability
· High quality surface finishing
· Easy to machine, non-abrasive

· Carbon pre-preg layup molds
· Master model 
· Vacuum forming
· Prototyping modelling

BLUE CORINTHO® HT is a rigid polyurethane tooling board with exceptionally high glass transition temperature of +265°C (+509°F). 
BLUE CORINTHO® HT is particularly suitable for master models and layup molds. It is also successfully used to make thermal breaks or supports in cryogenics. 

· 200°C (400°F) service temperature
· High surface finishing and excellent internal consistency
· Ease of machining

· Master model 
· Vacuum forming
· Prototyping modelling
· Thermal breaks
· Cryogenic supports

Polyurethane board developed for modeling applications, tooling, rapid prototyping and vacuum forming at high-medium temperatures (up to 120°C–250°F). Along with the other products in the CORINTHO® line, it offers dimensional stability and chemical resistance.

Our tooling solutions include accessory materials, designed to withstand high temperatures in autoclave and oven up to +200°C (400°F) without cracking or degradation and to expand and contract with tool under temperature. Available in blue or black coloring.

- Bonding: DUNAPOX™AD 135: Thixotropic, epoxy adhesive. 
- Sealing: DUNAPOX™ SEA 125: Epoxy sealer. Can be sprayed, brushed or rolled. Once hardened, DUNAPOX™ SEA can be flatted “sanded” and polished to a high gloss. Cures to a tough, Shore D 85 protective surface. 

Tooling guidelines available on request. 

Please also see our standard CORAFOAM® High Density line of polyurethane tooling boards for pattern making, vacuum forming, check fixtures, and more. 
Nominal density EN ISO 845/EN 1602/ASTM D1622 kg/m³ 700 700 800 1100
Hardness EN ISO 868/ASTM D2240 Shore D 57 63 50 60
Compressive strength - Parallel (23°C) EN 826/ASTM D1621 MPa 22 28 15 40
Compressive Modulus - Parallel (23°C) EN 826/ASTM D1621 MPa 280 450 220 544
Flexural strength - Parallel, Met.I (23°C) EN 12089/ASTM C203 MPa 17 23 7 17
Flexural modulus - Parallel (23°C) EN 12089/ASTM C203 MPa 630 750 660 1640
Max.flexural strain (23°C) - Met.I EN 12089/ASTM C203 mm/mm 0,032 0,035 0,012 0,014
Operating temperature °C -200/+120 -200/+205 0/+200 0/+200
Thermal conductivity - Initial (24°C) EN 12667/ASTM C518 mW/mK 96 109 264 380
Glass transition temperature (Tg) EN ISO 113572/ASTM E1356 °C 145 265 240 240
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion CTE (+30/70 °C) EN 13471/ASTM E228 1/K·10E-6 34 25 5 11
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion CTE (+30/120 °C) EN 13471/ASTM E228 1/K·10E-6 104 27 10 12
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion CTE (+30/180 °C) EN 13471/ASTM E228 1/K·10E-6 234 80 21 20
Dimensional stability (180°C) - Length; Width; Thickness EN 1604/ASTM D2126 % n.d. -1,58; -1,53; -0,83 -0,20; -0,20; -0,25 -0,20; -0,20; -0,25
Fire reaction FAR 25-853A n.d. 12"/60" Passed 12"/60" Passed 12"/60" Passed

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