DUNA-Group will debut its BLACK CORINTHO® 800 high-temperature tooling board at booth # G75 at the industry leading CAMX Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, held September 12-14 at the Orlando Convention Center. 

The BLACK CORINTHO® 800 offers ground-breaking low CTE at temperatures up to 205°C (400°F), coupled with a high-thermal conductivity for reducing oven and autoclave cycle times. In addition to standard and high-temperature tooling boards, DUNA-USA will also showcase its high-temperature sealers and adhesives.

“Our goal with the BLACK CORINTHO® 800 was to develop a high-temperature, low-CTE tooling board that would offer process improvements for demanding aerospace and automotive applications,” said Marta Brozzi, CEO of DUNA-Corradini, where all the Research&Development of the group lies. “The low coefficient of thermal expansion of the BLACK CORINTHO® 800 makes it a dimensionally stable choice at temperatures up to +205°C (400°F) for use with high-temperature curing prepregs, and opens the door to replacing legacy metallic tooling for prototype or one-off applications.”

Beyond its exciting thermal capabilities, the BLACK CORINTHO® 800 offers excellent machinability, and easier handling than traditional metal tooling, making it a cost-effective alternative for low-volume prototypes and composites layup tools.

DUNA-Group also manufactures the CORAFOAM® high density line of polyurethane tooling boards, with densities from 60 to 500 kg/m³ (4 lb/ft³ - 31 lb/ft³). Known for its ultra-smooth surface and ability to produce chips instead of dust, CORAFOAM® applications include composite layup tooling, vacuum forming, prototyping, and CAD verification tools.

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