DUNA-Corradini meets school


During the morning of yesterday, May 15, thanks to the cooperation of the Group of Young Entrepreneurs, DUNA-Corradini hosted a fourth upper class attending the chemical course of Technical Institute E.Fermi of Modena.

After a presentation through images and videos on polyurethane, its applications, on DUNA-Corradini products and their markets, we led the boys in a complete tour of our factory, showing concretely what happens in our plant of Soliera: the department of chemicals, the cutting department  and the shipping department.

22 boys and two professors followed the Duna-Corradini staff in charge to accompany them and to explain our daily activities, with the objectives to find points of contact between the concepts learned in the classroom and practical applications and business, and to present the work in a society .

After a quick coffee break, a visit to our R & D lab followed, where we involved the boys in the practical creation of packaging cushions DUNAPACK with our MD50 equipment and in an operation of manual mixing in order to show the chemical reaction that takes place between isocyanate and polyol and the resulting polymer.

It seems to us we have found interest and enthusiasm, we saw the boys present, curious and paying attention, therefore we believe that these experiences can be very helpful to students and schools to build a bridge between the world of school and the one of work. 

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