About us

DUNA-USA Inc. is part of a group of companies

led by DUNA-Corradini S.p.A., established in 1957.

DUNA-USA Inc is part of a group of companies led by DUNA-Corradini S.p.A., established in 1957 and uncontested worldwide market leader for the production and development of FOAMS (polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) as well as polyurethane (PU) CHEMICALS, polyurethane systems for pouring and spraying adhesives and epoxy resins and EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTS supporting the production or application of Foams and Chemicals.

Currently DUNA-USA Inc. manufactures rigid PU/PIR FOAMS in continuous production specifically designed for the American market and offering greatly improved performance.

Oriented to serve various low and high density markets, the current domestic production of our foam range is between 1.8 lbs/cubic foot to 31 lbs/cubic foot.

When founded in 2001, DUNA-USA Inc. was new only to the American domestic market. Our products have already been approved and used by leading American engineering companies on their international projects. The manufacturing facility in the USA has greatly enhanced our presence in the North American market. We have also established a stable presence in various classification institutions, including the ASTM C 16 committee responsible for the development of the thermal insulation standards.

In this way, the DUNA Group combines extensive European experience and an approach to factory management with great technology and business orientation in the typical "American style" resulting in an exciting experience of industrial life, strong exchange of technology, and great possibilities of success.