Spray application of expanded polyurethane in civil building provides a significant number of advantages in relationship to other insulation systems. It is an effective and versatile insulation, able to offer:

- a continuous insulating layer, extremely performing, even in time.

- a perfect adhesion to every kind of support , even irregular.

- quickness (an as a consequence cheapness) of application.

- minimization of transport costs and of environmental impact, due to the fact that the foam is produced on yard.

- waterproofing skill, but impermeability to vapour (absence of condensation)

In spite of these advantages, the application technique of sprayed polyurethane has never met the widespread distribution that it would deserve; among the main causes of this missed opportunity, the absence of an harmonized European regulation as for other insulation methods,  and the consequent lack of homogeneity of applicators able to add to the necessary quality of raw materials the ability and a serious evaluation of applicatory conditions that could assure the final customer a complete solution free of inconveniences.

In a situation of substantial lack of regulation on this subject, ANPE, the National Association of Expanded Polyurethane, together with the manufacturers of raw materials and with the most quality oriented applicators, gave birth to a new system that makes reference to the regulation project  En 14315-1/2 and En 14318-1/2, elaborating some guidelines that allow to harmonize and provide a complete system made of controls on materials and on realization conditions, making it possible to assure to the final customer the certainty of a job perfectly carried out through the issue of a quality certificate.

This initiative arises from the need to support the respect of shared rules, in a scenario where the regulation void and the variability of technical data may lead to confusion among the applicators and cause negative repercussions to the whole sector.

The quality check mark conceived by ANPE, therefore, from one side anticipates the check obligation foreseen in future harmonized regulations, from the other side gives sure performance data to the market, in order to allow conscious technical choices able to increase materials quality and applicators ability.

In this context ICMQ has been appointed  for the monitoring of requirements and specifications contained in guidelines for those companies that want to adhere to the quality mark.

Target of the work team was to assure a control of all the qualitative standards relating to the process of production and placing of the product.

These guidelines for a correct application foresee among other things, indications to be followed about:

- Storing conditions and expiry of components

- Mixing ratio of both components

- Minimal and maximal temperature of application

- Check on hygrometric conditions,  supports to be sprayed and on applicatory conditions.

- precise preliminary surface cleaning operations

It is according to these guidelines that the company DU-MAT S.R.L. in Castronno (VA) works (www.dumat-isolamenti.it), a society DUNA-Corradini cooperated and cooperates with, in order to obtain more and more excellent applicative results.

Following the applicative guidelines, DU-MAT sent us pictures of their last job, the insulation of AURORA Condominium in Vergiate (VA), where our product DUNAPOL® S 227 E has been sprayed in a thickness of 6 centimeters on a surface of 740 m2.

The evaluation made by DU-MAT on request of geometer Pinton and of apartment house manager Lovati on the Condominium took into consideration the potential of Energy saving both during winter months and during summer months, being the attic insulated with and old, impassable non performing insulating layer 

The laying of polyurethane has been preferred to other materials thanks to its advantages:

- low thermal conductivity value

- low specific weight (in this case approximately 40 kg/m²) that allows to apply it even in structures non suitable to bear great loads.

- permeability to vapour

- impermeability to water

- high compression strength

- durability in time

Even in this case the spray technique has been successful thanks to its ability to perfectly conform to the attic slab eliminating thermal bridges, without originating waste, and creating a unique walkable surface, combined with quickness of job execution.

In this yard, thanks to the joint work of ANPE, DU-MAT S.R.L. and DUNA-Corradini, the specialized applicator has been able to certify to the final customer the correct spray polyurethane application, issuing the quality control certificate of the material.

The synergy of the team for a correct application of sprayed expanded polyurethane, starting from today, they created  new benchmark for all the customers.

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