Dynamic Design Puts Warrior Spirit into High School Logo

Dynamic Design is a perfect shop name for the charismatic Danny Dean, a sign maker out of Rice Lake Wisconsin. When local Rice Lake High School needed a new “Warrior” logo, Dynamic Design came up with a design for an eye-catching carved sign that would really reflect the schools “Warrior” spirit. 

Opting to use 20lb CORAFOAM® HDU for the design due to its dimensional capabilities, Danny crafted the standout logo out of HDU using traditional woodworking tools. To give the sign an additional layer of dimension, he bonded a cut-out “W” to the top with a clear silicone adhesive. In a testament to the labor savings of HDU, he was able prime the ultra-smooth CORAFOAM® with only 2 coats of Dura-Build, which is a lacquer-based high build primer. 

According to Danny, “CORAFOAM®’s ease of finishing makes for the most impressive foam I’ve seen in 25 years of sign making.” The final finish was achieved with a Matthews Acrylic Topcoat finished with a Satin clear for a glass-like finish to this Warrior of a sign.

Danny started his sign making career in the 80’s in Iowa where he was drawn in by the art of hand lettering. He fell in love with the amazing creations he could produce while executing professional quality designs. However in the 90’s when this metal box with functional buttons was invented, the almighty computer with internet, Danny’s sign business felt threatened. He soon moved to the beautiful town of Rice Lake Wisconsin where he was determined to not let his arduous skills go to waste during the new computer age by incorporating the design capabilities of computers to help him become more efficient.

Today, Danny has adapted well to using technology assisted design tools by approaching it exactly as he would back then, but a lot faster! He has the latest gadgets and machines, but never will stop using his pin striping and lettering brushes, sandblaster, and hand carving tools! 

“We are so pleased with the quality of the CORAFOAM® material and thank DUNA Group for developing this promising product line.” – Danny Dean

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