We are pleased to announce that we have further improved the performance of our DUNAPACK™ FILM and introduced a new screen printing.

The new image is inserted in a view to a continuous improvement, evolution and revision of DUNAPACK™ products, reflecting the ongoing research that distinguishes all products DUNA-Corradini, also from but not limited to the aesthetic point of view.

The green color of the serigraphy draws the DUNA-Corradini guideline in the direction of environmental sustainability, evidence of our commitment to finding sustainable solutions: among these, surely the new packaging products DUNAPACK™ ECO, made with 25% raw materials that come from renewable sources.

The new screen pritnting is already present today on the following items:

  • DUNAPACK™ FILM 04700 BDM - cod.700033 (microholes 5 ± 1 cm on the closed side and 5 ± 1 cm on the open side)
  • DUNAPACK™ FILM 04700 BD - cod.700161 (no microholes)
  • DUNAPACK™ FILM 04515 BD - cod.700144 (no microholes)
  • DUNAPACK™ FILM 04515 BDM - cod.700108 (microholes 5 ± 1 cm on the closed side and 5 ± 1 cm on the open side)
  • DUNAPACK™ FILM 04515 BA - cod.700158 (no microholes)


All others will follow, as soon as we phased out stocks present in the warehouse.

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