CORAFOAM® Low density

CORAFOAM® Low density polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams are PUR/PIR rigid foams mainly used for thermal insulating purposes, thanks to their very low thermal conductivity and their high insulating power.

The performance of polyurethane/polyisocianurate foams is expressed at best in the cold chain rather than with hot temperatures, to assure insulation both in transport of perishable good (food, medicines, etc.) and, in case of polyisocyanurates, in applications of HVACR and industrial insulation . They are also employed successfully as filling material of sandwich and composite structures in marine and transportation.

The density of our PIR/PUR low density foams runs from 33 to 60 kg/m3. Different families of foams are available, according to the special requirements of the specific application, (e.g. fire behavior).

Polyurethane/polyisocyanurate foams are available in sheets, blocks or special machined items and special shapes (shells for piping, elbows, tees, valves, flanges...etc) realized on customers’ request.

CORAFOAM® Nominal density (kg/m³) Initial thermal conductivity - 20°C (mW/mK) Parallel compressive resistance (MPa) Fire behaviour Operating temperatures (°C)
EN 1602
ASTM D1622
EN 12667
ASTM C 518
EN 826
ASTM D1621
HPT 35 35 22,2 0,27 DIN 4102 Class B3
EN 13501 Euroclass F
HPT 40 40 20,9 0,35 DIN 4102 Class B3
EN 13501 Euroclass F
HPT 50 50 20,7 0,48 DIN 4102 Class B3
EN 13501 Euroclass F
HPT 65 65 22,7 0,64 DIN 4102 Class B3
EN 13501 Euroclass F
RP 33 HF 32 n.a. 0,23 DIN 4102 Class B2
Fire index BKZ Class 5,3
EN ISO 3582 mm <10/s <10
ASTM E84 FSI<25/SD<200
ASTM D3014 %Ret >90%
ME 32 M1 33 n.a. 0,21 NF 92 501 Class M1
DIN 4102 Class B2
EN ISO 3582 mm 10/s 10
ASTM D3014 %Ret.> 90