DUNAPOL® AD is a range of polyurethane adhesives (glues/bonders) developed in many different versions to satisfy the requirements of any production process. Widely used in aeronautics, marine fields, composites and many other fields, Polyurethane adhesives can be used to bond together a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, concrete, GRP, glass, and plastic. Unlike with most other adhesives, it does not matter whether the material is porous or non-porous. Due to their outstanding properties, their simple and economical processing and their high strength, polyurethane adhesives are increasingly used in many applications:

  • Excellent adhesion
    Polyurethane adhesives stand out for their strong grip (they are structural adhesives, meaning that they become a single structure with the materials they bond). They can be used on any surface (metal, wood, GRP) to create panels and other structures.
  • Wide range of reaction rate
    We have slower and quicker adhesives, to suit almost any production process or application
  • Strength
    Once hardened, polyurethane adhesives are excellent for use in places that receive frequent vibration or shock, such as in construction applications
  • Solvent-free
    Our polyurethane adhesives are not solvent-based
  • Chemical resistance
    Polyurethane adhesives resist being dissolved by the majority of even harshly acidic or alkaline chemicals
  • Water resistance
    Polyurethane adhesives have the advantage of being very water-resistant, much more so than other glues usually employed with wood.

Our product range includes:

  • One- or two-component polyurethane adhesives
    One-component polyurethane adhesives are isocyanates that react with air humidity and/or sprayed water.
    Two-component polyurethane adhesives are based on the reaction of two components (isocyanate and polyol).
  • Fluid, Filled and/or thixotropic structural adhesives
    In some uses, high fluidity improves penetration. In others, higher viscosity or thixotropy eliminates dripping and allows gluing in vertical applications such as walls or ceilings.