DUNACOAT is the DUNA-Corradini product line of polyureas for protective coatings based on polyurea applied as coating/membrane in thin thicknesses (0.3-2 mm, but more typically 1.0-1.5 mm).
DUNACOAT is a line of tenacious, tendentially rapid polyurea materials, solvent-free, with a considerable resistance to hydrolysis, UV rays and chemical agents as well as a high resistance to abrasion and impact.

Polyureas are also characterized by the ability to perform even when applied on cold (up to -30°C) or hot (up to +150°C) surfaces.

DUNACOAT polyureas are used to:

  • Waterproof surfaces
  • Protect from corrosion
  • Protect from bumps and erosions
  • Absorb vibrations
  • Seal cracks and crevices

How it is applied:

The most common technique of application of polyureas is by spraying, achievable with high pressure machines (with components heating system) and with low pressure machines. It is also possible to apply polyureas in curbs with air guns and a static mixer fed with unheated cartridges for small pickups and repairs.

The slowest reactivity polyureas can also be applied with a roller or even by casting; these techniques are utilized in applications such as floor coverings and filling of cavities.

Surface preparation is essential for the success of all applications; cleaning is always necessary, and application onto metals requires sandblasting treatment. The application of polyureas on concrete and other porous substrates requires the use of a primer to seal the pores and prevent the formation of pinholes and/or blisters.


Pure polyurea Hybrid Polyurea Hybrid Polyurea
Good resistance to UV and electrolysis Fair resistance to UV and electrolysis Fair resistance to UV and electrolysis

Applications of polyureas:

  • Protective coating for outdoor spray foams
  • To protect against the erosive action of the sun, wind, rain, hail
  • To improve protection against water infiltrations
  • To waterproof
  • As an alternative to the bituminous sheath on cement and metal sheets
  • Used for roofs buildings, insulated tanks, waterproofing of hanging gardens or foundation.
  • Waterproofing and corrosion protection of dams, canals, pipelines, bridges, viaducts.
  • Consolidation of concrete blocks and/or absorbing vibrations (e.g. railways)
Oil & Gas
  • PU foam coating in tanks and pipelines
  • Anti-corrosive coating of metals
  • Tank reservoir protection
  • Decking
  • Anti-skid flooring
  • Gel-coating of hull
Water containment
  • Concrete waterproofing and protection
  • Swimming pool coating
  • Coating of tanks, reservoirs and concrete pipes
Truck-bed lining
  • Covering of vans and pickup floors
  • Scratches and abrasion protection
  • Noise reduction for loading ramps and boxes
  • Industrial and warehouses floors
  • Parking lots and racetracks
  • Self-leveling systems and resistant to abrasion