DUNAPOL® C is a range of two-component formulated liquid polyurethane systems based on polyol and isocyanate that obtains rigid or semi-rigid polyurethane foam.

With different formulations and reaction times, this is the most versatile system for obtaining insulation or void filling in many different applications.

Polyurethane systems are widely used in panel manufacturing, the cold chain (refrigerated cells, refrigerated displays, domestic fridges...), HRVAC systems (heating, refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning, boilers, roller shutters and air ducts).

Polyurethane systems for casting are also particularly popular in the marine field, filling voids with lightness and structure in various points on ships and yachts, for buoys and floats.

The higher density PU systems are used for wood replacement in order to create frames and decoration in moulds or insulated pipe supports.

Many of our polyurethane systems are water based, guaranteeing a significantly reduced environmental impact.