DUNAPOL® T is the range of high-density polyurethane systems for the structural reinforcement of plastic laminates (thermoformed and not).  Styrene-free, solvent-free and with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, DUNAPOL® T represents the sustainable and high-performance alternative to traditional reinforcement methods.

The spray application ensures practicality, speed and precision in the finishing of the laminate, which is thus protected by a polyurethane layer extremely resistant despite low weight and thin thicknessWaterproof, resistant to corrosion, chemicals and moisture, DUNAPOL® T coating gives maximum strength and durability to bathtubs, showers and other laminates.

DUNA Corradini provides customized formulations meeting any specific customer’s needs, already appreciated for their constancy of performance and easy reproducibility over time

Thanks to the excellent adhesion capacity to most surfaces, DUNAPOL® T systems create a cohesive reinforcement, without cavities, with a smooth and homogeneous finish, developed to simplify the handling phase of the laminates and minimize the risk of cuts or breakages.

DUNAPOL® T also contributes to improving the thermal performance of the application products and the acoustics of the installation environments, thanks to the high insulating power typical of high-quality polyurethane. 

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